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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – June Issue
by Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C.

Read Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – June Issue by Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C. to learn more about Lanser Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Sunnyvale, CA.

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June NewsletterDear Patient and Friend,

You probably hear about the chiropractic wellness lifestyle when you visit Dr Wendy’s office – what is it, and how does it help you and your family?

The chiropractic wellness lifestyle is a series of decisions you make and actions you take to improve your health and enjoy life more.

The chiropractic wellness lifestyle invites you to:

  • Eat healthfully. Eating organic foods that are not full of pesticides, toxins and hormones and whole foods (foods that have no or minimal processing) is a smart decision savvy health consumers make. Find the right rhythm for your meals — some prefer three squares, though modern food scientists frequently recommend smaller meals at closer intervals. Eat a healthy breakfast every day. Exclude heavily processed foods, like “enriched” flour, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and especially aspartame, a known cancer-causing nerve poison, and take nutritional supplements as needed (ask Drs Wendy and Analisa for their opinion about how to eat more healthfully.)
  • Exercise. Actively participate in the rehabilitation and strengthening of the body to support repair and maintain your ability to do what you like. You’ll reduce the tendency to be injured, and bounce back from injuries more quickly. Your chiropractor can help you select the right physical activity to fit your age and body type.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and optimistic thinking. Adopt a happy mindset, and practice constructive habits like reading, meditating, visualizing, reviewing your goals, associating with people who support your dreams, engaging wholeheartedly in whatever form of spirituality you prefer.
  • Get periodic chiropractic examinations and adjustments when necessary for yourself and your family. Good food, proper exercise and a great mental attitude will be helpful in any case, but regular chiropractic care is the “X-factor” that helps you get the most out of these other health and wellness practices. Getting your spine and nerve system healthier improves every aspect of your body function, and paves the way for you to move toward wellness.

Deciding to follow simple guidelines like these will not only make you feel better, it will help you live longer and get more out of life. Choose the chiropractic wellness lifestyle – you and your family will improve your quality of life, and feel better overall, too.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C.

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