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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“My chiro is a rocket scientist, a mother, a pilot. She’s precise and creative. she and her Lanser Chiropractic team are so over the top. They practice not one but three types of treatment. I can always tell how my body is doing with a new exercise or sport when I get checked by Lanser. Their customized, up-to-date feedback helps me stay active and keep taking risks, Because I know that, in a pinch I can bring my son to Lanser rather than to an emergency room, I breathe more easily at his athletic games. When he was hit in the mouth with a curve ball one day, he saw Dr Wendy right away and felt instant relief. If my boy takes a bad fall off his bike or ripstick, it’s like we have a safety net. The Lanser team supported me through a frozen shoulder injury to total recovery. There’s no question that my family’s day to day quality of like is significantly enhanced.”

Belinda M.
Palo Alto, CA

“Before starting chiropractic treatment with Dr Wendy, I could walk less than half-a-block before severe pain forced me to sit down. And I had been getting worse for some time. After one month of treatment at Lanser Chiropractic, I could feel things improving. After just three months, I now walk 1/3 of a mile before feeling uncomfortable and after sitting for just a minute I can continue walking.”

Vincent M, age 81.
Sunnyvale, CA

“For several years, I awoke each morning in severe pain trying to loosen up my body enough to get the day going. Initially I felt it must a sign of getting older, I was approaching 40. I happened across Dr Lanser at a 5 mile run and decided to take advantage of her consultation offer. At first I was confused, how can all of this gentle touching and movements do anything? I thought I needed mass dosed of spinal torture to address my constant discomfort. I decided to see where this “soft treatment” might go. Within a few short visits, I saw immediate relief. First my upper back felt as though it had been released afrom a tight corset, then my always stiff and sensitive lower back began loosening. Recently, I’m getting my achilles tendon to feel normal again. I seriously thought I would one day need surgery on it. All of these improvements, I’m certain are the direct result of Dr. Lanser’s care. She not only attended to the aches and pains I knew I had, but also the poor posture I did not recognize. I’m convinced chiropractic works and will continue to tell anyone about it who will listen. Great work and above all, THANK YOU!!”

Dean W.
Los Altos, CA

“I couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Wendy and her treatments. I was diagnosed with a somewhat baffling disease and had a team of five Stanford specialists who all told me that they couldn’t do anything for me. They told me that not being able to even get off the couch most days would be normal for the rest of my life. Dr. Wendy was the only one able to help. She has helped me so much through adjustments, supplements, and her intuitive spirit . I can now exercise, travel, and enjoy my family. I will always live with health problems, but Dr. Wendy has made it possible for me to truly live.

Dr. Wendy has a true healer’s spirit. Sometimes she will talk to me about what is going on with my body and I wonder if she is reading my mind! She has not only helped me, but my husband and my children. She has helped us all see that our minds and bodies are totally connected. Issues that in western medicine we try and separate from the body she is able to address and help resolve. I am constantly surprised and in awe of her ability to understand the human body and all of its complexities. Most of all I am grateful to her for her healing spirit and giving me a chance to live my life to the fullest, and helping my family to be their best both mentally and physically. She truly is an amazing person and medical professional. ”

Rebecca R.
Palo Alto, CA

“Thank you so much for all your care, endless support and love – you are an amazing lady! What a fortunate event that led me to your healing services! I can only consider myself among a lucky group if patients that you serve! Thank you thank you!”

Diana L.
Sunnyvale, CA

“When I first came to Dr. Wendy I had bad Neck Ache. I did not mention to her that I had headaches for the longest time but she could feel in my body that I had headaches and asked about them, to my amazment. I now have no headaches and no neck pain. I have my life back. Thank You Dr. Wendy.”

Sunnyvale, CA

A 42 year old man came into our office with teary eyes complaining of daily migraine headaches that had become so severe he was in the ER days before getting CAT scans of his brain and heavy pain medications. His headaches had gotten so bad it was difficult to rock and cuddle his 2 young boys. He also had shoulder and arm problems. After his consultation he had his spine evaluated at Lanser Chiropractic and mis-alignments were identified and treatment began. After his first gentle upper neck adjustment his migraine subsided. In just a few weeks he not only is headache free but is enjoying playing with his young boys and holding them without pain and playing the best tennis he has ever played.

“My headaches are gone. It is amazing. I want to tell everyone. I could literally go into the hospital and pull handfuls of patients out who could benfit from your care. I had no idea Chiropractic had advanced like this”

Bahram Aram, MD
Palo Alto, CA

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