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The Pinched Nerve of Christmas Past

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The Pinched Nerve of Christmas Past

Pinched Nerve Sunnyvale CA Pain Relief

Tis the season to be jolly, but if you suffer from pain, you just may feel like the Scrooge. The Pinch of the Pain Do you have sharp, intense pain that radiates down your arm or leg? Do you experience pins and needles or burning sensation? Or are your hands or feet a different temperature? If so, it ...


Don’t Forget The Nutrition!

Sunnyvale Nutrition

Summertime madness of activities about to begin! We had just about mastered the balance all of our daily activities. Now with the ring of the last school bell hit fast forward and add the bumper of kids games, practices, carpools and change of babysitters. As our activities become a series of the next, we ...


Best Map To No Neck Pain

src="" width="320" border="0" />Buckle up! Our traveling season is upon us. Despite the saying "getting there is half the fun," planes, trains, and automobiles can put a real strain on our summer holiday fun. So let's start this season off right, and follow these tips to survive the physically demanding prospect of traveling to your ...


A Full Court Press Against Back Pain

Back Pain Sunnyvale CA Leg Pain

Back pain needs a good defense and offense just like a top-rated basketball team.  Whether we are high caliber athletes or weekend warriors, it's time to stop defending the backcourt and invest in the proper shoes to avoid future injuries. This way we can make the slam dunk of the season - without any lasting ...


Tips For Faster Injury Recovery

Back Pain Sunnyvale CA Sciatica

Are you sitting or standing on the bench due to an injury? For most athletes and health enthusiasts, recovering from an injury can be a workout in itself. For a serious athlete, being told that you have to reduce or halt activity altogether to let a bone or muscle heal is equivalent to torture. ...


Fast Track Your Immune System

Immune System Sunnyvale CA Wellness

The engine of the autumn season is now officially in overdrive.  As the rushing to school, sports events or other important functions are on the fast track so may the attack on you and your family's immune systems.  So this month let us all commit to making ourselves a little healthier by choosing one or more ...


Tools for School – Avoid Low Back Pain

Backpack Safety Sunnyvale CA Back Pain

Fall is here!  The first days of school have come and gone.  Now the once excited kids bend over or strain shoulders to hold the overly heavy backpacks that contain their school books and folders.  Unfortunately these over filled backpacks are heading our future generations into early back pain, neck pain, headaches and disease processes.  According to ...


Avoid Blooming Back Pain This Year!

Back Pain Sunnyvale CA Gardening

Gardening weather is finally here! Although we are invigorated by the warmth, gardening can provide a great workout but with all of the bending, twisting, reaching and pulling, your body may not be ready for these better home and garden activities. Just remember gardening is a full-time summer activity and to use these warms ups ...


Special Edition – Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – January 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

Happy New Year!

If you look around though, not all appear to be so happy. Do you know of anyone who always seems angry? You have to tiptoe around them because you never know what will set him or her off.

That person may even be you as you try to keep this emotion hidden and under control. Persistent anger is often found in those stuck in a vicious cycle of pain and exhaustion. Anger is often a response to pain – either physical and/or emotional, and/or sheer exhaustion. This response just creates even more pain and exhaustion. There is a way to balance the heart and brain so it is capable of escaping the vicious cycle of anger.

I’m Always Angry – Getting to the Heart of the Matter!

Anger is a natural human response ranging from mild irritation to rage. It can be an appropriate response to injustice as long as it also leads to appropriate action.

In most circumstances, however, anger is a secondary emotion. Other emotions are percolating under the surface causing the anger. These may be fear, hurt, sorrow and grief, loneliness, rejection, hopelessness, etc. When someone explodes with anger we might wonder, “What are they afraid of, or how has life hurt them so deeply?”

Many people cover up their anger. It is their secret because they believe it’s not okay to be angry. The anger is toxic emotional sludge bubbling just beneath the surface. It takes work to keep it hidden and under control. This work is stress, which causes more anger. When the pressure builds, the anger explodes and then there are regrets. This also feeds the anger.

No one enjoys feeling angry all the time, even if it is hidden. It’s constant stress. The question to ask is, “What happened to hurt my heart?” “What happened to hurt my brain?” The “hurt” can be a chronic physical pain, emotional pain, relational pain, mental pain or even an environmental stressor such as the work or home situation. What story or stories do you have to tell that may reveal the cause of anger?

Anger provides the heart and brain the energy to stay alive to fight another day. Heal the underlying anger by first dealing with the cause(s) of the emotion.

Release the fear, hurt, sorrow, grief, loneliness, rejection, and hopelessness that are holding the heart and brain hostage. Emotional freedom also comes with forgiveness. Anger is no longer needed for survival.

Dr. Wendy Lanser a Doctor of Chiropractic Can Help

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Also, check out our latest patient review below:

“The best chiropractor and wellness treatment I have had in 10 years! Over the last 10 years I developed pain in my neck, shoulder and back. I’ve seen numerous chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, as well as other certified NUCCA doctors, spending thousands of dollars each year, until I found Dr. Lanser lately. Dr. Lanser not only was able to accurately diagnose the root cause of my issue, but also provided very gentle, non-invasive treatment and exercise. I felt immediate relief and relaxation after the 1st visit. By the 3rd visit, my chronic pain from over the years was almost all gone! I re-gained energy, focus, calmness and peace in my life. I am simply amazed at what a big difference she makes and how few other health practitioners are around to treat such common chronic issues. Her clinic is very zen-like and provides a healing environment for her patients. Going to her clinic is like having a meditation to me. I highly recommend her!”


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The Pinched Nerve of Christmas Past

Pinched Nerve Sunnyvale CA Pain Relief

Tis the season to be jolly, but if you suffer from pain, you just may feel like the Scrooge. The Pinch of the Pain Do you have sharp, intense pain that radiates down your arm or leg? Do you experience pins and needles or burning sensation? Or are your hands or feet a different temperature? If so, it ...


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