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Welcome to Lanser Chiropractic's Sunnyvale CA chiropractor Archive. Here you can learn more about Lanser Chiropractic, Chiropractic, and Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C., today's choice for Chiropractors in Sunnyvale, CA. Read Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C.'s Chiropractic Sunnyvale CA chiropractor for the health of it.

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Spring Into Health and Weight Loss

Weight Loss Sunnyvale CA Wellness

The sweet smell of warm weather is in the air! Thank Goodness!  As for most of the US, this spring/summer season is a long awaited welcome to what could only be classified as a very long winter.  This year as you are unpacking your summer clothes to enjoy the fresh air do not fret that your clothes ...


Say Goodbye To Your Knee Pain

Knee Pain Sunnyvale CA Joint Pain

Let's live healthier and more active longer.  That alone has become the motto of our generations who may have reached our embracing years of our thirties and older.  Our ability to want to play full out is fabulous as long as we maintain and take care our health and our bodies along the way.  One ...


Leave Your Back Pain At Home This Summer

Back Pain Sunnyvale CA Vacation

Summer vacation is near!  The excitement of warm weather and the well needed break from school or work  is upon us.  As the last school bell rings or the final confirmation of your travel plans arrives make sure you not only pack accordingly but prepare with these simple tips so you may enjoy the most of ...


Our January Breakthrough Newsletter

Dear Patient and Friend,

This time of year, most of us are thinking about personal growth and the New Year’s goals, objectives, and intentions – it’s our nature to think about what we can do to improve our lives.

For some of us, it’s knocking off a few pounds. For others, it’s finally quitting smoking. Still, others choose to exercise to get into better physical condition or pick up yoga, Pilates, or martial arts. Some develop a meditation practice, decide to spend more time communing with nature or just sit quietly to relax.

Have you noticed how many of our New Year’s resolutions revolve around our health? Learning to manage our health and wellness habits can be a heavy lift, but it’s worth it, and what better time to make some decisions than at the start of a new year?

And don’t forget to include your doctor of chiropractic, your most trusted health and wellness advisor – she can help you make better lifestyle decisions, to enhance the quality of your life. Visit Dr. Wendy Lanser, DC, and ask how often you need to stop in to stay at your best.

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Our November Breakthrough Newsletter

Dear Patient and Friend,

The holidays are about getting together with loved ones and, of course, enjoying delicious holiday foods. But too often, we find ourselves falling into the trap of poor eating habits, a mistake that is easily corrected with a few good decisions and a little self-control.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (eatright.org) makes these recommendations for better holiday eating.

1. Make realistic goals. For most of us, the holiday season is usually not the best time to increase our stress by trying to lose weight. Plan accordingly.
2. Use smaller plates if possible at your buffet table.
3. Eat a healthy snack, ideally with protein and fiber, before going to a party, so you’re not as hungry.
4. Conversation is calorie-free, but move away from the buffet so you won’t be tempted to eat absent-mindedly while you talk.
5. Scope out the buffet before you step up to make your selections to avoid overloading your plate.
6. Balance what you eat at parties with what you eat during the day.
7. Remember that beverages contain calories as well. Cocktails, beer and wine, homemade punches, and chocolaty drinks tend to have sneaky calories you may not expect. Consume these in moderation!
8. Watch your portion sizes, and take small “tastes” of high-calorie dishes.

This holiday season, put less emphasis on food and more on the relationships with the people you love. If you concentrate on the joy of the season, you’ll be less compelled to overeat. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be eating healthy for the holidays!

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