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Holiday Stress Headaches Now?

Migraine Sunnyvale CA Stress

Enter any store and mall, and there are already signs of the upcoming seasonal holidays. However, this season's good cheer does not need to include tears, neck pain, shoulder pain, stress headaches, and a weakened immune system too. Let's face it the combination of the wrong food, too much alcohol, late nights, rushing ...


Our November Breakthrough Newsletter

Dear Patient and Friend,

The holidays are about getting together with loved ones and, of course, enjoying delicious holiday foods. But too often, we find ourselves falling into the trap of poor eating habits, a mistake that is easily corrected with a few good decisions and a little self-control.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (eatright.org) makes these recommendations for better holiday eating.

1. Make realistic goals. For most of us, the holiday season is usually not the best time to increase our stress by trying to lose weight. Plan accordingly.
2. Use smaller plates if possible at your buffet table.
3. Eat a healthy snack, ideally with protein and fiber, before going to a party, so you’re not as hungry.
4. Conversation is calorie-free, but move away from the buffet so you won’t be tempted to eat absent-mindedly while you talk.
5. Scope out the buffet before you step up to make your selections to avoid overloading your plate.
6. Balance what you eat at parties with what you eat during the day.
7. Remember that beverages contain calories as well. Cocktails, beer and wine, homemade punches, and chocolaty drinks tend to have sneaky calories you may not expect. Consume these in moderation!
8. Watch your portion sizes, and take small “tastes” of high-calorie dishes.

This holiday season, put less emphasis on food and more on the relationships with the people you love. If you concentrate on the joy of the season, you’ll be less compelled to overeat. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be eating healthy for the holidays!

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Tips For Faster Injury Recovery

Back Pain Sunnyvale CA Sciatica

Are you sitting or standing on the bench due to an injury? For most athletes and health enthusiasts, recovering from an injury can be a workout in itself. For a serious athlete, being told that you have to reduce or halt activity altogether to let a bone or muscle heal is equivalent to torture. ...


Top Sport Performance Tips

Sports Rehabilitation Sunnyvale CA Athletic Performance

Almost everyone knows the symbolic goal of Mount Midoriyama. The pinnacle test which American Ninja warrior contestants will train year round to reach and push their bodies to the edge of better, stronger, and faster. Whether we are active participants or avid watchers, we witness the incredible strides in the performance that our bodies ...


Our October Breakthrough Newsletter

Dear Patient and Friend,

A new study shows that how long you sleep plays a role in the health of your brain, including the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Sleep scientists agree that it is common for older people to sleep less soundly and for a shorter time than younger people. This often contributes to memory loss and attention span, reduced thinking power, poorer problem-solving, and even less efficient decision-making.

The researchers found that those who reported sleeping less than six hours each night had chemical changes in their brain that could be related to dementia. In addition, those who slept less did worse on cognitive tests than those of similar age who slept over six hours nightly.

They concluded that choosing the right amount of sleep each night is likely to improve your brain function. Conversely, those who didn’t sleep enough were more likely to be overweight and depressed. Interestingly, those who slept too much had similar patterns, so your best chance at a healthy brain revolves around finding your “sweet spot” – the amount of sleep your brain and body prefer.

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