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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – November 2017 Issue

Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – November 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

Everyone loves the excitement of a long pass for a touchdown or a slap shot for a goal. Professional athletes work their whole lives to build the kind of strength and stamina to perform at the highest levels. Then, they wear protective equipment that minimizes their chance of injury, and even so many do hurt themselves, sometimes seriously.

It’s only natural that we as adults and our children will want to play such sports, to be more like our heroes and also because it’s fun. But usually we don’t have the safety training or the properly padded uniforms and helmets to avoid injuries, and even if we do, any impact to our adult brains and their young brains can be hazardous. A concussion is too common among grade school and high school athletes, but even more common are smaller brain injuries that don’t produce many problems at first but accumulate with each successive jolt.

Well-informed adults make sure they and their kids have the right guidance and the right equipment to safeguard their health. Current research shows that chiropractic care makes your brain healthier, so if you or your child sustains an injury, include your doctor of chiropractic in the decision-making.

Our brains are fragile, even more so than our bodies and limbs – be smart and be extra careful with autumn contact sports.

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For Your Health,

Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C.

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