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Our November Breakthrough Newsletter

Dear Patient and Friend,

The holidays are about getting together with loved ones and, of course, enjoying delicious holiday foods. But too often, we find ourselves falling into the trap of poor eating habits, a mistake that is easily corrected with a few good decisions and a little self-control.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (eatright.org) makes these recommendations for better holiday eating.

1. Make realistic goals. For most of us, the holiday season is usually not the best time to increase our stress by trying to lose weight. Plan accordingly.
2. Use smaller plates if possible at your buffet table.
3. Eat a healthy snack, ideally with protein and fiber, before going to a party, so you’re not as hungry.
4. Conversation is calorie-free, but move away from the buffet so you won’t be tempted to eat absent-mindedly while you talk.
5. Scope out the buffet before you step up to make your selections to avoid overloading your plate.
6. Balance what you eat at parties with what you eat during the day.
7. Remember that beverages contain calories as well. Cocktails, beer and wine, homemade punches, and chocolaty drinks tend to have sneaky calories you may not expect. Consume these in moderation!
8. Watch your portion sizes, and take small “tastes” of high-calorie dishes.

This holiday season, put less emphasis on food and more on the relationships with the people you love. If you concentrate on the joy of the season, you’ll be less compelled to overeat. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be eating healthy for the holidays!

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Our July Breakthrough Newsletter

Dear Patient and Friend,

When you are thirsty, your brain and body are calling for more water – but too often, we drink beverages that may seem to quench our thirst temporarily but actually are potentially harmful. So let’s look at what happens in your brain when you drink soda pop.

Besides promoting tooth decay and obesity, drinking too much sugary soda decreases your thinking and memory functions. So some people opt for diet soda, thinking it less unhealthy.

But in fact, a 2017 study showed that drinking diet soda increased the risk of stroke and dementia. Regular diet soda abusers tripled their probability of Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. And those who drank regular sugary soda increased the risk of stroke by 21%, according to a 2020 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Drinking soda also tends to interrupt normal sleep patterns due to the caffeine and sugar content. It has also been shown to create memory problems, which linger from adolescent soda abuse and last into adulthood.

Nutritionists link soda to caffeine dependence, in which a person exhibits symptoms of being sluggish, irritable, or lacking focus and concentration. Ongoing caffeine consumption from soda can lead to chemical changes in the brain that make you and your brain crave more. This means that you may feel like you need more soda to feel the stimulating effects of caffeine.

While occasional soda drinking is usually okay, drinking it every day leads to health issues, so be sensible, and you’ll be taking better care of your brain.

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