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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – January 2018

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Welcome to Lanser Chiropractic's Our Newsletter Archive. Here you can learn more about Lanser Chiropractic, Chiropractic, and Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C., today's choice for Chiropractors in Sunnyvale, CA. Read Dr. Wendy Lanser D.C.'s Chiropractic Our Newsletter for the health of it.

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – January 2018

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

The New Year is a natural start point, and an invitation to take stock of your current circumstances and see where you can make your life a little better. All over the world, people are welcoming the opportunity to shift gears and choose some bad habits to break or new ones to establish.

Usually, people set New Year’s Resolutions to change something – lose weight, quit smoking, skip dessert or whatever. Often these decisions revolve around health – and rightly so, since this is one of the best places for us to invest in ourselves.

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – November 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

Everyone loves the excitement of a long pass for a touchdown or a slap shot for a goal. Professional athletes work their whole lives to build the kind of strength and stamina to perform at the highest levels. Then, they wear protective equipment that minimizes their chance of injury, and even so many do hurt themselves, sometimes seriously.

It’s only natural that we as adults and our children will want to play such sports, to be more like our heroes and also because it’s fun. But usually we don’t have the safety training or the properly padded uniforms and helmets to avoid injuries, and even if we do, any impact to our adult brains and their young brains can be hazardous. A concussion is too common among grade school and high school athletes, but even more common are smaller brain injuries that don’t produce many problems at first but accumulate with each successive jolt.

Well-informed adults make sure they and their kids have the right guidance and the right equipment to safeguard their health. Current research shows that chiropractic care makes your brain healthier, so if you or your child sustains an injury, include your doctor of chiropractic in the decision-making.

Our brains are fragile, even more so than our bodies and limbs – be smart and be extra careful with autumn contact sports.

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – September 2017 Issue

Lanser Chiropractic
Dear Patient and Friend,


Most people will admit to some stress in their lives. We face challenges every day, from small and irritating temporary stresses like bucking traffic at rush hour to major family, health or financial concerns – few of us elude the stresses of normal living.

The problem is, those stresses may be hurting us, sometimes more than we realize – they rob us of needed sleep, move us toward questionable dietary choices, and jangle our nerves so we don’t show up at our best in our work, our relationships, in our lives.

When you are stressed, your body makes chemicals that help you respond to danger – but when the danger passes, your body should return to a normal, relaxed state. The problem is, our stresses are so continuous, that many of us never get back to that relaxed state – and that is one of the major causes of disease, chronic unresolved stress.

Learn about stress, and how to handle the stresses of your life. Those you can avoid or minimize, please do so – for the others, you’ll need to learn to adapt so you can handle the issues while giving your body a break when called for.

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – July 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

Doctors, researchers and sports trainers agree – exercise is one of the best ways to reduce your stress. Why does exercise make you feel so good?

Physical activity turns on chemicals in the brain called endorphins, which act like organic painkillers, relaxers and sleep aids. You make more of these feel-good neurotransmitters when you exercise, when you get a massage, even when you meditate or breathe deeply. It’s your body’s natural stress reducer.

Exercise helps you stay sharp mentally, reduces fatigue, and makes you think better overall. And it doesn’t require all-out intense exercise to reap significant rewards – a routine as simple as three to five thirty minute workouts each week is generally enough to stay at a reasonable level of fitness.

But you can reduce your stress with a lot less exercise than that – some scientists have found that as little as five minutes of aerobic exercise kicks your anti-anxiety machinery into gear, decreasing tension, improving mood, and building self-esteem.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that seven out of ten American adults report feeling stress daily, and most say that it has a significant negative effect on their lives.

Imagine how much positive energy could be created if many or most of that 70% included a little exercise in their daily routine! Handling stress is a key to successful, healthy living, so let’s spread the word – take good care of your body, and it will take good care of you!

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – April 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

We live in a complex world. Information flies at us at an overwhelming pace. And information on health and wellness abounds – but who do you listen to? How much water is sufficient, and how much is too much? How much exercise do we need, and what kinds? What foods should we concentrate on, and which ones should we avoid? Is there anyone who knows for sure?

Your best safeguard is your own common sense. It makes sense to eat fresh, wholesome foods, and avoid or minimize heavily processed, fried, and overly sweetened or salty food. It makes sense to include some low-impact, consistent exercise, like walking, stretching, swimming, or yoga. It makes sense to reduce your stress, to get outside and breathe fresh air, and to get seven or eight hours of sleep each night.

And, it makes sense to keep your body in good working order. You may already know that regular visits to your doctor of chiropractic can decrease your stress, tune up your brain, and help you to avoid painful problems.

Your chiropractor, Dr. Wendy, can help you understand how to take better care of yourself, to make better lifestyle decisions and develop habits that will serve you throughout a long and healthy life. Let your chiropractor, Dr. Wendy, advise you on which other health and wellness professionals you may need on your family’s team – it will come back to reward you many times over.

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – March 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

We hear a lot about the brain these days. The media gives us lots of information about brain diseases, like stroke or Alzheimer’s. But recently, there has been more of a push to educate the public about how to take better care of your brain, through good lifestyle habits and consulting the appropriate wellness professionals.

One simple thing anyone can do to improve brain health, that costs no money and is very pleasurable, is to sleep enough. Typically, adults need seven or eight hours of sleep each night, and kids usually need even more.

While you are asleep, your mind quiets down, and daily maintenance is performed – your brain needs to clean and detoxify itself, and this process occurs during sleep. So it’s fair to say that if you don’t sleep enough to complete the maintenance, your brain won’t work as well, and over time, it can get sick.

So, plan your day and evening so you can get enough sleep. If you have to get up at 6 AM, plan to get to bed between ten and eleven. If you can sleep until 7 AM, as long as you get to bed before midnight, you should be okay. Sometimes we have to miss a little sleep, and it’s essential to get a little extra sleep the next few days to make up for it.

Don’t mess with your brain health – get enough sleep!

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – February 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

Most people know that chiropractors often help people with painful problems – back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder and knee pain, and so on. Pretty much every kind of painful condition has gotten better with the help of chiropractic adjustments. It’s what most people know about chiropractors – if you want to get relief from your pain, see a chiropractor.

But most people could benefit from seeing a chiropractor, even before they hurt. After all, many of the people who visit chiropractors for back pain didn’t do anything in particular to injure themselves, they just woke up one day feeling bad, or it came on slowly and kept getting worse – doesn’t it make sense that the problem may have started before the pain began?

Most of the time, the pain is not the problem – the pain tells you that you have a problem. It’s like a fire alarm ringing when the fire is burning. The alarm isn’t the problem, it tells you that you have a problem. If you just shut off the alarm, the fire will take your house. Yes, you have to shut off the alarm, but then you have to put out the fire.

It’s the same thing with your symptoms. The pain tells you something is wrong – your brain and nerve system being stressed, or some habit coming back to bite you. Yes, your chiropractor will help you feel better as soon as possible, but he or she also needs to address the underlying cause of the pain.

So who needs to go to a chiropractor? Everyone should get a checkup, at least once or twice a year, to be sure there are no problems developing. A clean bill of health means your best chance at feeling good, with your body working well. Don’t wait till it hurts – get a checkup.

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Special Edition – Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – January 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

Happy New Year!

If you look around though, not all appear to be so happy. Do you know of anyone who always seems angry? You have to tiptoe around them because you never know what will set him or her off.

That person may even be you as you try to keep this emotion hidden and under control. Persistent anger is often found in those stuck in a vicious cycle of pain and exhaustion. Anger is often a response to pain – either physical and/or emotional, and/or sheer exhaustion. This response just creates even more pain and exhaustion. There is a way to balance the heart and brain so it is capable of escaping the vicious cycle of anger.

I’m Always Angry – Getting to the Heart of the Matter!

Anger is a natural human response ranging from mild irritation to rage. It can be an appropriate response to injustice as long as it also leads to appropriate action.

In most circumstances, however, anger is a secondary emotion. Other emotions are percolating under the surface causing the anger. These may be fear, hurt, sorrow and grief, loneliness, rejection, hopelessness, etc. When someone explodes with anger we might wonder, “What are they afraid of, or how has life hurt them so deeply?”

Many people cover up their anger. It is their secret because they believe it’s not okay to be angry. The anger is toxic emotional sludge bubbling just beneath the surface. It takes work to keep it hidden and under control. This work is stress, which causes more anger. When the pressure builds, the anger explodes and then there are regrets. This also feeds the anger.

No one enjoys feeling angry all the time, even if it is hidden. It’s constant stress. The question to ask is, “What happened to hurt my heart?” “What happened to hurt my brain?” The “hurt” can be a chronic physical pain, emotional pain, relational pain, mental pain or even an environmental stressor such as the work or home situation. What story or stories do you have to tell that may reveal the cause of anger?

Anger provides the heart and brain the energy to stay alive to fight another day. Heal the underlying anger by first dealing with the cause(s) of the emotion.

Release the fear, hurt, sorrow, grief, loneliness, rejection, and hopelessness that are holding the heart and brain hostage. Emotional freedom also comes with forgiveness. Anger is no longer needed for survival.

Dr. Wendy Lanser a Doctor of Chiropractic Can Help

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Also, check out our latest patient review below:

“The best chiropractor and wellness treatment I have had in 10 years! Over the last 10 years I developed pain in my neck, shoulder and back. I’ve seen numerous chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, as well as other certified NUCCA doctors, spending thousands of dollars each year, until I found Dr. Lanser lately. Dr. Lanser not only was able to accurately diagnose the root cause of my issue, but also provided very gentle, non-invasive treatment and exercise. I felt immediate relief and relaxation after the 1st visit. By the 3rd visit, my chronic pain from over the years was almost all gone! I re-gained energy, focus, calmness and peace in my life. I am simply amazed at what a big difference she makes and how few other health practitioners are around to treat such common chronic issues. Her clinic is very zen-like and provides a healing environment for her patients. Going to her clinic is like having a meditation to me. I highly recommend her!”


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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – January 2017 Issue

Lanser ChiropracticDear Patient and Friend,

This time of year, most of us are thinking about personal growth, and the goals, objectives and intentions for the New Year – it’s our nature to think about what we can do to improve our lives.

For some of us, it’s knocking off a few pounds. For others, it’s finally quitting smoking. Still others choose to exercise to get into better physical condition, or to pick up yoga, Pilates or martial arts. Some develop a meditation practice, decide to spend more time communing with nature, or just sit quietly to relax.

Have you noticed how many of our New Year’s resolutions revolve around our health? Learning to manage our health and wellness habits can be a heavy lift, but it’s worth it, and what better time to make some decisions than at the start of a new year?

And don’t forget to include your doctor of chiropractic, your most trusted health and wellness advisor – she can help you make better lifestyle decisions, to enhance the quality of your life. Visit Dr. Wendy Lanser, DC, and ask how often you need to stop in to stay at your best.

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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – August 2016 Issue

lanser-logoDear Patient and Friend,

We’ve all watched kids at play – they’re fearless, hurling their bodies around, jumping back up from skateboard falls, bicycle collisions, football tackles or assorted trips and stumbles.

They may seem like they’re rubbery and resilient, but too often, the jarring impact they suffer shows up later in life, as weaknesses or damage that can be traced back to childhood.

So what is a concerned parent’s best course of action?

Never ignore a child’s complaint – if your kid says something is bothering him or her, take it seriously, better safe than sorry, get it checked out.

Keep an eye on your kids while playing – sometimes they may sustain a pretty significant trauma, but they forget to tell you. Ask about any bruises, limping or other signs of injury — and be persistent, find out what happened.

And, bring your family to your chiropractor for periodic check-ups – if there’s anything wrong, your doctor of chiropractic can find it and offer whatever corrective advice is called for.

Frequently, the health challenges and problems adults may face began with injuries in early life that were never addressed properly. Give your children an advantage – watch them closely through their developmental years, and get them checked regularly by your family chiropractor.

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