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Breakthrough Patient Newsletter – July 2015 Issue

lanser-logoDear Patient and Friend,

Did you know that there are many different types of chiropractors, and many styles of chiropractic practice?  Some chiropractors concentrate primarily on the alignment of your spine, while others may pay more attention to your skull, your neck, your organs, your eyes, your blood chemistry, your diet, or reducing your stress levels.

Why are there so many kinds of doctors of chiropractic?  All chiropractors share a common desire – to get your brain and body working together so you can heal from illnesses and painful problems and continue to get healthier and healthier.

But there are many ways to do that, and no one doctor can master all of them, any more than a medical doctor could master all of medicine or surgery – MDs divide up the body by organs, while chiropractors divide it up by ways to improve the connection between brain and body, and to reduce brain stress. Chiropractors pick the style that works best for them to produce the best results possible with their patients.

Some chiropractic doctors use a firm adjusting style, while others use a softer touch. Some adjust with their hands, while others use adjusting instruments. Some adjust the lower part of the spine, some focus on the upper part, and some adjust your whole body. Just like there are dozens of ways to surgically repair a damaged shoulder or knee, so too chiropractors have a wide variety of tools they can use.

Talk to Dr. Wendy about the work she does and how it helps you. You’ll find that she wants to educate you and share with you – and maybe inspire you to become a doctor of chiropractic yourself. It’s one of the most interesting, fun and worthwhile careers you could choose, with many ways to practice, and many kinds of patients to serve.

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